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About Me

This is where I will download my thoughts on my journey into cyber securit and life in general.

Things that make me happy are my lovely wife (Lucy) and my dogs (Ripley and Bishop). Yes my dogs are named after characters from the popular Alien movies.

Platforms I like to play on are Hack the box and TryHackMe, they have been a real help in understanding vulnerabilities and putting them into practise

As you may have guessed by the name of this website, I am indeed studying with the Open University. BSc (Honours) Cyber Security and am hoping to complete this by 2024. I am studying while working full time which is tough but rewarding.

If you are using OSINT to find things out about me, you will find this blog interesting (hopefully), but no very helpful. I am an advocate for strong passwords and MFA when available so don't waste your time.

Tuesday - 13th April 2021

Well I think I may have screwed up an oportunity. Why does my brain fail me when I really need it?! Had my confidence knocked back a little of late, I know what I am capable of so why do I have so much self doubt?

Must keep on trying, TRY HARDER as the saying goes.

Todays music is Slipknot

Friday - 26th March 2021

More exciting things happened todaay! Can't speak about it yet but damn today has been a good day.

The Office is a ghost town today and not much is really happening, I should be studying but my brain is racing

Todays music started out with Evanescance new album but swiftly wen back to the old favourite listed below. Retorwave is in my soul.

Thusday - 25th March 2021

Something exciting happened today, not that I can talk aboutr it on here.

Having a complete CSS nightmare day. Decided I am going to spend some time putting in some comments and arranging the CSS code in groups relating to each page that it applies to.

The music of choice for today has been Retrowave / Synthwave

Wednesday - 24th March 2021

Today has been a slow office day which has given me the oportunity to get a lot of coding done for this website. I am pleased to say I am starting to get to grips with this CSS malarky. Next step is to start to learn more JavaScript!

The Music of choice for today has been ElectroSwing on Spotify.

Covid Lockdown update. Still able to come to the office which has been great. Looking forward to seeing friends in the flesh again and having a pint in the pub after walking the dogs