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Coming Soon

From the Mind of our resident BitRot

So I've begun work on a fun cryptography project for you all to play with, currently there are 101 flags, and expected to be more to come, there's puzzles within puzzles and plenty of low hanging fruit for those not so adept to snaffle, and some that are much harder to crack requiring some good pattern recognition to gather the clues necessary to tackle them, and am hoping to stick in some really nice advanced techniques for the more skilled, though that may take a little time to do, am still not completely sure what am going to build in as the final flag, but sure something will come to me. Probably the hardest bit is really I ought to put a simple form together on the website so you can input the flags to check their validity. Then you won't have to check with me all the time lol Am thinking I can probably dump them in the database salted and hashed and reference them that way.